Don't abuse your pastor🚫🚫

Now a days church members expect so much from their pastors, but their expectations don't match their commitment in church.

🟢You complain that your pastor doesn't check up on you, but when was the last time you checked upon your pastor and his/her family?

🟢 You expect financial support from the church when you are getting married, bury a loved one, dedicating a child, etc. but when was the last time you paid your tithe or financially contributed to anything in the church. When he/she was ill, did you check on him?

🟢 You want the pastor to drop everything and attend to your case when you are admitted in the hospital but you never show up in church and we don't even remember the last time you attended the church service?

🟢 You want your pastor to pray for you, but how many times do you pray for your pastor?

🟢 You want your pastor to reply immediately when you send a message (forgetting that he/she also has other responsibilities as a father and husband), but do you reply immediately when he/she sends you a message?

We should stop abusing our pastors! Let your level of commitment in church meet your expectations before you ask anything from your pastor⚠️